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2016-08-17 15:43:21

Fucking Dos Equis, man.

If you're satisfied with that, switch to Dos Amber.

If you're satisfied with that, switch to the seasonal Dos Azul.

By the time you're satisfied with that, Dos Roja will be out.

You're welcome.


2016-08-17 00:34:57

Been looking for a new beer to try lately, any suggestions?

2016-08-15 16:59:14


2016-01-28 03:06:12

Everyone, just take a second to appreciate that Cerbera still hosts that site.

2015-12-10 15:54:35

I'm down for some fat slopes.

2015-12-10 02:45:31

RYS bro where ya at fam, let's do some lines.

2015-12-09 18:32:46

All that coke all alone must have been depressing.

2015-09-13 04:40:45

*pops open a beer and lays out some lines of cocaine on the chimney opening* WHOS COMING WITH ME???????????????

2015-07-20 17:58:38

Don't we all sad

"Working so hard on my computer pursuits is what I would identify as the major barrier to allowing myself time to pay attention to this necessary chore. The infrequency with which I meet other people allowed me to believe that there as no great necessity for me to regularly wash."

He was truly a visionary, a model for us all.

2015-07-18 20:37:24
2014-06-30 04:34:27

Good god, what the hell is this place?
The roof is on fire!

2014-06-12 18:47:23
disco2 wrote:

Yeah I'll burn one down.

He asked dickso, not you.

2014-06-12 18:09:56

Yeah I'll burn one down.

2014-06-02 21:21:47

There's that fag talk we talked about. It's ruining the roof. You want a joint, dickso?

2014-06-02 18:23:06
deeepthroatgta6 wrote:

Im partying eryday and got a lot of beer to share. Now, will someone help me bring the crates up the roof?

nobody cares, nobody is going to help you


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