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2011-06-19 01:55:45

I'm self-employed zofran iv  Others are in the same position — I understand how he feels but what about us? This is our busiest time of the year.”

2011-06-18 22:33:31

I run a sa-mp server.. i've flown aircraft carriers, submarines, driven mad max rides.. but i haven't made a driveable bull yet, but there's a object for making one.. i'll give it a try!

2011-05-27 03:37:41

Wow. Riding a cow would definitely be so awesome! I wonder if  I can have it explode after riding it.

2007-07-07 17:26:42

fuck you asshole.

SA-MP's cool. I glitched the game and I was able to drive a cow. It was sooo awesome. but then i like I was driving right and some douche comes up next to me in a dozer and I was all "yo fuck you man leave my cow-car alone lol" and he said whoa dude how'd you do that an I didn't know so I drove all th way to Mt. chilliad and when i was there bigfoot was on top and he killed me neutral

But seriously, SA-MP's smooth for an online GTA. Fun making your own server too. Me and Parker (the guy quoted in Needles' sig) had a load of cars on top of Mt.Chilliad and spent the whole time basically just driving off in cool ways.

2007-07-07 10:57:17

We had all versions of san andreas multiplayer (sa-mp) and now they got us the 0.2.0 version, than, after one week, they released 0.2.1 . On this forum discuss about anything, from cheats and glitches to tactics and servers.


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