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2007-09-21 13:47:41

Get used to it, faggot.

Nawh, your alright.

2007-09-21 03:35:33

That was very insulting.

That Shit Touge
2007-09-16 23:35:53

Well, the 3D modding scene in GTA was/is pretty shit anyway.



2007-09-16 15:26:22

Maybe because those two titles were never intended to be big titles like GTA III, Vice, and San Andreas? They were just rehashes of older games with a few added features and touched up graphics. If you want to play Liberty City Stories so badly, mod Vice City.

2007-09-16 10:35:43

GTA on PSP was great treat to us who enjoy the GTA franchise. You can able to play GTA... WHERE EVER  :biggrin:  you want. Plus you can play it with other players thru wi-fi making it  more ensanely enjoyable.

There's PS2 ver. but why there's no PC ver. yet  :confused:

Why not?! Well 2 reason: modding (nuff said!) and the possibility of multi-player (over LAN or internet  :yes: ) since the Stories came with multi-player modes. Imagine playing with your friends over a network where peds and vehicles are spawning around just like in the game only your playing multi-player. With all the things happening around, you wouldn't notice the other players on the crowd (ok its real easy they run around as if in a hurry and drive around crazy  :biggrin:)  until your fired at...or run down which ever come first, making it much more exciting. I think the PC can pull it off since its more powerful than console right.

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