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Mr V
2011-07-29 10:28:31

If you look hard enough, you can find it dirt cheap now. My PS3 version was £7.53 on ebay.

I love TBoGT. Skydiving is awesome, vehicles are awesome. Its all awesome.

Liking the new explosive ammo in the old chopper and, the explosive shotgun and sniper rifle.

Shame about the same music for both episodes though.

2010-05-14 19:38:47

I got both TLaD and TBoGT the day they got out on XBox Live, so it's already some months ago since I've played them. I liked the atmosphere of TLaD better, but the mission design lets it down a bit, far too many "Drive to point X, kill person Y, return to base" style missions. TBoGT is a real improvement on that, although I still miss the "drive to point X really far far away in less than 30 seconds" style missions, but I guess I'm the only one who misses them sadly.

2010-05-13 07:19:42

I paid £14.99 for both episodes on a PC dvd, which was nice.

The new vehicles in TLaD were a bit uninspired, but then I guess it was all about the bikes. There are some awesome new vehicles in TBoGT though. The weirded bit is cars that wouldn't spawn in GTAIV unless you already had one (Super GT, Comet, Infernus) now just spawn randomly. Something rather cool about walking down the street and seeing a car you knew you had to be very careful with in GTA IV..

2010-05-12 23:32:50

Haven't played Gay Tony yet, looks cool, but at 1600 (1200 for this week's special) MS Points, it's a bit pricey, think I'll wait until the retail version goes into the bargain bin... TLaD was cool though, I liked the new vehicles in it (particularly the Slamvan and Regina).

Red Dead Redempion comes out next week, looks really, really good...

2010-05-12 19:54:59

Woah, a GTA related post from me.

So as I'm sure you all know The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony finally made it to PC. Much rejoicing was had by all. I've finished TLaD and am a day or so into TBoGT.

TLaD was cool, though felt very disjointed and more like the side missions from a 'real' GTA game if you get. Sort of like if they made a GTAPD game based on the vigilante missions. Enjoyable enough, the lead guy was a little 2-dimensional, more Carl than Tommy if you ask me.

I liked the bikes, which I didn't think I was going to. I was very much a crotch rocket guy in GTAIV, avoiding the big hogs because I found them dull and uninspiring. The default bike was quick enough to be interesting, and Johnny's skills on the bike made it less frustrating. That said the Bati 800 was fantastc and the vehicle of choice for seagul hunting.

Overall liked it, loved the music ("a loaded six string on my back"), liked the atmosphere, little let down by the plot.

TBoGT so far I'm loving. Has all the sparkle and glamour of Vice City without the shoulder pads. Sure the music isn't a patch on that one, but it's not dinting it. Loving the new side missions, though do feel it's overcompensating for the "Gay" bit of the title. Cage fighting and shagging women in toilets? Hah.

Best bit for me though is it's hard! Up until these two I could count on two hands the number of missions I've failed in the 3d GTA games. A few were sticky ones I failed repeatedly, but still. GTA IV's dodgy helicopter ending aside I don't think I failed any in that one. But yeah, those missions I do complete first time in TBoGT I feel like I've earned, skin of the teeth stuff. I just had to do Bang Bang three times to get it, though once I got stuck on a train track and missed a flight, the second time I was very unlucky with a swat van crushing my car on its side into a wall. But still, loving the challenge.

Not found any street racing in this one, if there is I hope it's improved on TLaD and GTA IV. I hate races that "cheat". It was always the worst thing about cheap racing sims. If I'm behind, they shouldn't slow down for me, if I'm in front, they shouldn't speed up to keep up. Have a genuine race with a wider spread of talent in the AI and it's far more rewarding. Just my thoughts.

Anywho, that's all. A little review style thingy. Assuming TBoGT carries on in the same manner I think I'd be forced to rate the new GTAs something like this:

Vice City
San Andreas

So there you have it. Toodles

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