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2014-05-26 13:23:45

I've been on a bit of a Godzilla binge over the past week, tearing through the 80's/90's Heisei series, but I skipped right over the 98 one. Sorry, Andy, it's a pile of shit and there's just too much dumb stuff in it that I can't overlook. That said, I think it's the least shitty Roland Emmerich movie and I can't deny I didn't get a bit of enjoyment out of the spectacle at the time it came out.

I'm now on the Millenium series. Don't know what to make of them.

2014-05-26 12:53:46

Godzilla was great man, I even watched '98 godzilla the day before to get into the mood, and fuck it, I love that movie fuck the internet that disagrees with me.

I'm so glad Godzilla is a good guy in the new one, I hope that's not to much of a spoiler.

2014-05-18 01:10:34

Godzilla was fucking TOPS. The only complaint I have is one I could also level at Robocop. The hero's wife and child are an impossibly beautiful, skinny, flawless looking actress who blinks a lot when she cries (and that's about all she does) and an emotionless robo-child. It's especially hard to care about the kid, he's the blankest of blank slates. Also, he's startlingly fat and ugly, considering his parents.

BUT! They characterise Godzilla fantastically, use him sparingly and there's several really, really memorable, beautiful, strange sequences. I want a sequel immediately. Preferably featuring Jet Jaguar.

2014-04-01 22:45:31

Saw Captain America 2 this evening, really enjoyed it. They went for a Bourne/Conspiracy thriller vibe with it and it worked fantastically. I'm still totally all in with these Marvel movies as a fun night out, sorry Disco.

Best of all, in the given context, they had the stones to bring this dumb shit character to the screen in a way that didn't cause riotous laughter and booing catcalls.


Look at that stupid piece of shit.

I just found out Marvel have gotten the Punisher movie rights back in their pocket.



2014-02-19 15:25:27

I liked him best in Arrested Development.

2014-02-19 01:01:49

I think the way to approach it is akin to the Dawn of the Dead remake. A great film in its own right that shares little but the premise with the original, goes off, does its own thing very effectively.

Saw Rush this evening. Absolutely fucking WEPT at the end. The whole film's a big, manipulative and rather corny Hollywood biopic done with a fair bit of Top Gear-esque visual flair and an absolute truckload of really bad English accents, but I got swept along by the thing. The scenes of Lauda in the hospital after his big crash are punishing to sit through. I think the Hans Zimmer score is probably the best of his career so far, excluding his Sherlock Holmes theme tune and that only wins out because the dulcimers and wonky piano rule.

It strikes me that as a director, Ron Howard really has had the most amazingly diverse, difficult to pin down career.

2014-02-18 16:43:40
Maindrian wrote:

The new Robocop didn't make me throw up all over myself.

I find that hard to believe, but I guess I'll have to see it for myself. I have loved the original three so very much for so very long. I hope this doesn't make me hate them.

2014-02-12 20:53:49

Heck of a job there, it abuotslely helps me out. jvhzapcnte [link=]bcqrlyjkj[/link]

2014-02-12 02:13:45

Robocop looks like fun.

2014-02-09 23:14:04

The new Robocop didn't make me throw up all over myself. In fact, I didn't mind it at all. Not a patch on the original, but did enough differently and had enough of its own identity and scope to get a pass. The caveat to all that is, while I think it builds quite a nice world for itself, of recent films, Looper did so much more successfully and for hyper violent, satirical sci-fi action, Dredd is pretty much the modern Robocop.

I guess my advice would be to watch either of those first, but if you really must, Robocop 2014 ain't bad and it isn't lazy. It tries.

Clumsy edit: Alright, I'm still thinking about it the morning after. I complained to a friend that it didn't have a strong villain, but actually, the villain it does have is a fucking subtle one and if you had to come up with a 21st century Dick Jones, it'd be that guy. He's a soulless corporate machine wrapped up in a veneer of charming likability and tweedy playboy cool and he never, not once drops the sneering grand villain speech, even when the it all goes south.

The satire isn't as funny and overt as the original, the movie does get in some subtle digs at its own 12A nature and its remake status, while the world it invents is less the crumbling, crime ridden dystopia, more internationally nightmarish and quite relevent with it. The one kill we see an ED-209 make is a completely bloodless affair, but given the victim, it's not a kill you want to see and when those guns open up, they're viewed through the voyeuristic lens of a news team as a triumphant thing. The first ten minuites set up the state of a whole world, rather than just the single city of the original and they do it really well. It takes its time too and gets some memorably great performances out of its cast. The guy playing Murphy is fucking excellent. Gary Oldman is always fucking excellent. Michael Keaton... Looks old. He's still great.

I guess my point is, you shouldn't avoid it on what it doesn't do (extreme, over the top violence, snarky cartoon satire), but see it for what it does very well (pathos, a believable, memorably bleak yet reasonably forseeable global setting, excellent performances all round). As I said, don't bank on it beating out the original, but it's a worthy enough stab that's worth a go.

And Jesus, while the "unmasking" scene happens relatively early on, it's way more horriffic than I was expecting. I think it should sit rather well in the pantheon of iconic horror/science fiction imagery.

2014-02-09 16:41:37

Gravity was great but the characters sucked.

2014-02-07 15:33:40

I'd take a slasher any day over the current crop of found footage jump scare bullshit. Better yet, I'll have one of the Italian ones, Suspiria especially.

But speaking of Kubrick, I ended my The Thick of It marathon with the movie, In The Loop. Like Kubrick's Strangelove, it made me laugh a lot, but left me depressed as hell come the end. I'm utterly delighted at Peter Capaldi being Doctor Who though.

"Run you clever boy!"

It's been months, I still laugh every time that bit happens.

2014-02-07 13:31:13

The Shining is great, I do like Kubrick films (who doesn't?)

I just don't like slashers / torture porn.

Has anyone here seen Black fish?

2014-02-03 15:30:37

Watched 'Lord of War' with Ameer last night. 12/10

2013-08-16 18:42:29

Don't diss The Shining, it rules.

A lot of 70's horror is solid. I'd say the scariest, like, the one that absolutely shook me down to the very core is the Kaufman version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I mean I've seen tense stuff, I've seen stuff that made me jump, stuff that made me feel a bit grossed out, but that one left me feeling utterly hopeless for quite a while after I saw it.

Evil Dead 1 and 2 and the remake are all pretty great as well. Never found any of them scary, but fuck are they fun.

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