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2014-01-14 15:58:24

Well I've volunteered to fix it for many years now, but that would require that I be made into some kind of a user with powers over the a moderator...

I like this software. It's, still, loads better than IB/other options in my opinion. I don't like how we haven't been able to update to modern BBcode conventions (youtube links come to mind), but it's still fast and loads great on mobile.

I think the search/post history/etc functions are broken because nobody ever pointed them to the new server, but I assume they work otherwise.

2014-01-14 13:36:37

Yeah that's true.

2014-01-14 08:16:07

You are getting this totally wrong, G! board is now an experiment how long a piece of software can run without any maintenance, so don't expect any improvements.

2014-01-13 23:17:29

Oh and Post history has been broken since forever.

2014-01-13 16:42:58

Just so you know, I'm pretty sure the time is wrong on whatever server you have hosting this site. I updated my time information to not only display the date CORRECTLY, but also to adjust time for my GMT-6 time zone, and I noticed that the time was off by several hours.

Just figured I'd bring it to your attention, LIKE A GOOD MODERATOR WOULD DO.

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