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That Shit Touge
2014-01-30 00:29:54

Try talking to some on the Internet, invite them around your house, etc.

2014-01-25 21:51:04

It's a natural urge.

The line must go on!

2014-01-25 20:04:56

Have children. That or smoke a joint.

2014-01-25 17:39:32

I haven't ever wanted children. In fact, my whole life, I've often wondered why anybody would want children - I mean I certainly wasn't easy to take care of, right?

That is until recently, anyway.

It's probably been about eight months (maybe more?) now, but I just can't stop thinking about children. I want them. I want all of them. I want to tell them stories about Y2K and I want to tell them about how evil Obama is and I want to build model rockets with them and then I want to dress them up really nice for Sunday brunches with my parents so I can show off how perfect their little grandchildren are.


I have dreams about children. I daydream about children. I look into bulk diaper and food discounts online in my spare time at work. IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY.

What do I do?

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