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2014-03-16 20:59:41

Dude, that's all over the course of a few years. There's at least three hours worth of them covering Scott and Todd on Youtube. It's bonkers how much material they got out of these two. I think the funniest is how angry Todd's stupid made up names make Jimmy.


Let me see. I'll explain it as fast as possible. Scott Shannon "quits" the show, a few weeks later, the show comes back as "The Todd Show" and...

...Ffffffffuck is it bad. Over the course of that week O&A fans hijacked the twitter hashtag for the show, meaning when you type in #TheToddShow in Twitter, you're basically eyefucked by horror. I laughed at a man covered in shit, only to scroll down and see what appeared to be a fetus. Yeah.


Scott Shannon got himself a new radio gig in record time, implying that he was pushed or jumped from the old show. Opie loudly lets it be known that unless Shannon calls in, he'll make sure the same twitter clusterfuck happens tenfold. Guess what?

He's an alright old dude.

While it was never as foul mouthed, we used to have radio this good in the UK! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED.


...Oh yeah, that.

2014-03-16 19:26:06

Okay cool i got it to work.

Crikey those fake prank calls are tedious, tiring and painful to listen to. I actually had to force myself to get to the end!

With the edit it implied that there was a year break half way through the audio? Or did i misunderstand.

Do you have a recording of where Scott phones up the show then? Or any discussion about them "breaking up" haha.

I think the most horrifying part is the incessant interlude / jingly music the keep playing :'(

2014-03-15 03:46:58

Oh, lord, that's the latest one. The thing that slayed me most about it was Anthony's silky RADIO MAN voice he used to have.

It's on this page, just look for Scott and Todd. Prepare to set sail for fun*.


2014-03-15 00:29:47

Okay i tried listening to that but it turned out to be them getting children to survey their parents' dildo collections.

So what did i do wrong? haha. The site looks a bit broken in my browser mind you.

2014-03-11 22:56:15

He's such a delightful huckster, he really is.

The last few O&A updates were some thing about him video blogging as he drove across America to his new job and then, he's on some rubbish internet radio thing or something like that.

Oh lord, Knott, did I introduce you to the saga of Scott and Todd? I really should have done, that took an amazing turn the other week...


Now, you might instantly zero in on Scott Shannon's fugly plastic surgery/bad photoshop visage, but what you really want to concentrate on is Todd Pettengill. Just do a google image search of his name, listen to any audio of him and his "humour", everything points to the fact that, holy fuck Alan Partridge is a living breathing human being and he's an American. Podcast funnings! Give this a go, they pretty much explain these guys to a T.

They broke up last month, Scott flat out quit. Then Todd came back with "The Todd Show", claiming he'd re-invent radio, only to just do the same unfunny Partridge-esque rubbish he always did. Then Scott phones up the O&A show after years of silently taking their abuse and turns out to be a fucking hilarious old codger.


2014-03-11 19:07:51

Omg i was just wondering a few days ago what happened to him hahaha.

Also, just found this:

Wasn't there a picture of him with hair once? that was kind of disturbing to see how he's aged.

2014-03-11 14:51:04

Scorch is the best/worst.

2014-03-11 14:26:39

all of my wat

2014-03-08 15:50:57



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