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2016-02-15 09:38:37

Nice cars there, man.

2016-02-03 21:08:48

By the way, driving from Bozeman, Montana (where I picked up the car) to Houston is like driving from Paris to Moscow.

2016-02-03 15:59:52

The best part about this car is when Ameer asks me for help fixing it, he usually figures it out and fixes it himself before I get around to coming over big_smile

Ask him about his fuel line repair.

Also the doge can fit in it and Ameer likes driving so I never have to be sober on weekends anymore!

2016-02-02 23:10:44

Most of you probably already know about this since we're all Facebook friends, but I bought this e30. Probably trying to fill some empty emotional void in my life.

Since I have a new 2 door, I thought an old 4 door would compliment it well. It is great for romantic double dates.

I decided this would be the coolest old 4 door possible, and set out to find a good one. This is a life long California car with no accidents. I drove from Montana to Texas in it. Because I was afraid it would break down, I drove straight for 28 hours without turning the car off. I was popping Adderall the whole way. Hadn't slept in like 40 hours.crazy trip.

Basically it's been completely reliable, but I have been paranoid about preventative maintenence. New clutch, radiator, timing belt, vacuum hoses. All the money I've put into it, I could have bought a 2007 325i instead of a 1987 325i, but live an learn I guess.

It's a charming little car.


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