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2016-10-10 22:00:29

ah I don't think I spent that much time on this.
Just wanted to get a little nostalgia modding. I'm the same tho I spent so much time modding Vice city, Just chopping up cars that already exist, finding out that the Glendale and Oceanic fit together and make there real life counterparts heh..

Tried making another car but it was so bad I wont even bother posting it. also shows how intresting my life is right now if I can sit and do this.

2016-10-05 04:37:23

True that. I remember spending entire summer breaks just modding Vice City and San Andreas.

That car looks pretty dope Fox. I don't know how you have the patience to spend so many hours adding in the details and lighting.

2016-10-03 15:56:06


edit - on the srs, it's cool to see some modding again. Ameer and I were talking with Chris not too long ago about how it was nothing but modding the game that brought us all here in the first place. It's a bummer Rockstar makes it so hard to mod the newer games. We aren't even a footnote in their literature anymore.

2016-10-02 04:05:45


2016-10-01 23:26:23

Ya know why I first came here? to make GTA cars.

I made some really crappy cars, then worked at it and right by the end of the life of GTA1 modding I made some 80% cars, well two of em.. And shortly after everything died and the site went back to just before I made my best cars meaning I lost them forever. Yeah I dont know why I dont have them anywhere, I had so many dead hard drives that all my GTA stuff was probly on one of them.

anyhows. I tried doing this stuff again. and damn Its still impossible. Hell knows how the likes of Jrs21, Keyrz, Alfa made those damn cars. so yeah Heres me posting in a part of the forums that has not been touched in a year to post 'I tried to make a car again!' I did want to make a bunch. ya know shove them all into GTA some kinda 20 year thing.

Anyways Crappy caprice. Shading stuff this small is a damn nightmare. Still this is probly the only GTA1 car anybody has made in the last 5 years?

Did a making process.. just incase it turned out amazingly well.




So there ya go some more beating of this dead horse.
Trying to improve my skils at making cars nobody wants for a game nobody plays. Awesome.

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