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[deleted] wrote:

I think Ameer described Twin Peaks best when he said "I don't need to re-watch the first season because I remember what happened and I don't need to re-watch the second season because it was terrible."

Wanted to watch ONE episode of the new Twin Peaks last night - turns out each episode is a two-hour 'film'. Ugh. Can't pay attention that long.

Was hoping it would be like "HEY NEW PEOPLE HERE'S SOMETHIN NEW" and there were new things, but nothing with context and that was frustrating. But the old stuff was just like HEY LET'S BRING BACK EVERYTHING, EVEN THE LOG, BUT ALSO JUST WORK THEM IN WITHOUT INTRODUCTIONS LIKE EVERYONE EVER KNOWS WHO THEY ARE.

If they cut out the filler (would be MAYBE forty minutes of actual show) I think I would have enjoyed the show a lot more, but then it also wouldn't have been David Lynch or Twin Peaks. Add the lack of attention to four or seven twisting, arcing plots that are too convoluted to understand and you've basically got the most Twin Peaks season of all the Twin Peaks seasons.

I quite enjoyed the new Twin Peaks season. You can tell David Lynch has put his heart and soul into the project. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

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