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is a pie
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Disco was asking why I don't post on the boards much anymore and I have a semi-legit question so here goes.

Since I've been able to grow the most miserable excuse for facial hair, I've used an electric three head razor (very similar to this, only probably one model before this or so) mostly because I had terrible acne throughout middle school and high school and didn't want to risk terrible cuts and whatnot. Now however, I've finally grown out of my bad acne days and, aside from the odd zit, I'm blemish free. I opted for a Gillette Fusion Pro Glide razor because it was included in a leftover Christmas pack at my work, and was only $10.

Now, question. Does this razor actually require me to shave with, against, and all fucking other ways across my face in order for it to actually shave properly? If I shave down it gets a lot of the hair but there's still noticeable stubble left. So then I shave up which tends to get most of it aside from the jawline and some of my neck. Would it just be smarter to buy a Mach 3? Disco said those work just as well and the Pro Glide's really just a gimmick more or less. Maybe I'm just too noob for this manly stuff yet, but I figure I should learn this at some point.


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Re: Shaving

I stopped shaving about six years ago. Just irritated my skin too much no matter what I used. Now I just use my beard trimmer but without the length gauge attached, give decent stubble and only needs doing every three days or so.

When I did shave I used a wilkinson sword 3d. Nothing clever, just lots of blades. They always say cut with the hairs, but I could never get close unless I went against, which of course leads to irritation.

I do have a philips electric razor, the ejaculating kind that uses sachets of dove moisturiser. That works pretty well too.

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Re: Shaving

I have a big old beard, but sometimes I shave and shape. I find that a good old wet shave, with the grain takes the most off, then against the grain gets its silky smooth.HOWEVER you need to prepare the skin for the shave, you also need to work the foam and then splash on some good after shave once you are done to close the pores.
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Drink Tea

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Banning people is not the only job of an admin. All i've seen from you is that: A ) Anyone who does not share your views over things is wrong and therefore must be banned, and B ) You are completely biased towards England.

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Re: Shaving

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