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Cunty Cunterson
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Car Jack Streets, credits

Ok so im sure by now you all know about this..


So after contactign the creators and all they sent an apology from the manager etc. and asked about names, to fix the credits,

so far I have,

I dont know if thats actully Henrik's Mini,
But anybody else recognise there work and want to be named? credited, and of all the names on that list, do I send those names? or Real names?

Just letting you know, if not Ill just send that, sicne thats your usual alias right,

- Maxie



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Ah, fuck.
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Re: Car Jack Streets, credits

Hahaha so mirroring work makes it your own now?

I seem to recognise most of them, apart from the helicopter (and maybe the tank).

Are there more cars than in that picture in the full game or are those just ones you recognised?

I can't belive you've done this.


#3 2013-11-13 15:32:47

Still MOD-elect
From: ur mom xD
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Re: Car Jack Streets, credits

Fuck off, Knott. Do you even know how to mirror?



#4 2013-11-13 16:34:54

Drinks Fucking Tea!
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Re: Car Jack Streets, credits

Henrik's Phalanx is the taxi. I think the Charger is Rob Tuovinens. These are old cars, the Phalanx must be 10 years old at least. I also think the mini might be by Kreyz as well.


Drink Tea

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