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Need GTA 1 cars to use in game

Hi I have made a GTA  top down clone in flash, this is the real deal i am using Box2d a physics engine to simulate car handling and the player can traverse a mirrored unlimted city, you can steal cars etc.

My question is whether anyone can let me use their cars in the game, i will give full credit for any used, the more the better, around 20  is needed.

Many thanks



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Re: Need GTA 1 cars to use in game

You're welcome to use any of mine if you wish. A lot of the original gta car makers aren't on these forums any more, though I'm sure a lot of the old emails will still work. If you download the cars you like and have a look through the readme files for contact details.

Oh and kudos for actually asking, we've had more than a few people use the GTA community graphics as a freeware resource and it's incredibly infuriating.

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