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This is a lost thread.

I meant to post this thread months ago, but I guess I forgot about it. Maybe I got baked or something.

Anyway, I took these screenshots April 30th, 2013. IIRC, at that time, information was still scarce about GTA V. These screenshots are from one of the pre-release GTA V trailers. I noticed my favorite car, the Imponte Ruiner, was making a comeback, so I fastidiously took several screenshots highlighting the car, with the impression of being like, hey look! But I didn't...

Now these screenshots are relegated to the landfill that is my HDD. What a shame. If only I had shared them at the time, not only would my time spent capping the photos be well spent, but you would all congratulate me for my keen eye and we would celebrate our comradery. Or something.

Here they are, in all their glory, because why should they go unseen? Just because they are no longer interesting, or relevant, and this is all a waste of your time? Fuck you, buddy.


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