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Re: What have we been listening to this month?

That's why I'm all about the Audio books son.

I hope you like me and I fit in with your life.


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Re: What have we been listening to this month?

Over the last few months I've been listening to more and more of KTRK, a local news radio station. While staying up to date is nice, they play an awful lot of commercials.

I tried audiobooks once on a cross-country drive but I couldn't concentrate enough on the book and I kept drifting out. Maybe I'll give it another go when I mature a bit more and I can pay attention to something for more than three minutes.



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Re: What have we been listening to this month?

I remember the old Poundstretchers department store I worked for in my teens. The background music consisted of two cassette tapes. One half of a double tape set, "The Greatest Hits of the 70's" (rarely played, but a breath of fresh air when it was), and my NEMESIS "The Best of Dr. Hook".  Both supplied by the highly strung middle aged woman who managed the store and was fiercely against anybody bringing anything else in or putting the store radio on.

Imagine that and music like that, 8 til 5 every day. I think it was the closest I ever came to suicide.


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