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Drinks Fucking Tea!
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You're all a bunch of n00bs

I just wanted to pop on and mention that I miss you all, even Knights.
Hope you're all well.


Drink Tea

Anonymous wrote:

Banning people is not the only job of an admin. All i've seen from you is that: A ) Anyone who does not share your views over things is wrong and therefore must be banned, and B ) You are completely biased towards England.

(note the views expressed by Needles are not necessarily shared by the Gouranga! Forums staff and sometimes we've never heard of him guv honest, he just loiters around a bit making the place look untidy. your Honour.)


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Second Place Gaymo
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Re: You're all a bunch of n00bs

Aww, hey Rob. Back at you.


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Ran Vage
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Re: You're all a bunch of n00bs

I don't know how I ended up here at 2am but damn I miss a lot of you old gents every now and then...

realize that there's no savior
rue the words
scar the peace
and then you'll reap the hatred
feel betrayed
and create the sorrow...


#4 2018-04-26 13:12:53

Cute and Fluffy :.
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Re: You're all a bunch of n00bs

Ahh, the good old days. I miss this little sanctuary of my youth. 33 this year, first child on the way, still completely inept at life. Woo!

And on Christmas I like to watch old tapes of women getting gunged on Noel's House Party and wank myself off!


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Re: You're all a bunch of n00bs

I am rushing towards turning 30, nowhere close to marrying and my dad has recently eloped with a fuckin granny leaving my mom under a heavy home loan.

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