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Dancing Clown
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So who else is not dead?

So, I stumbled into this old internet website and checked if the forums still existed there. Apparently not completely.
After some searching I found these forums and recognized some old members yikes

So what have you been up to? Still people modding GTA or other things? I see Delfi is still working on TDC which is looking nice:D
I haven't modded anything in a long time. Thought a bit about making a game of my own, but that never took off (full time job etc). 

Was just thinking if there's some "vault" with all the old mods/cars and stuff if anyone knows smile
Anyway just checking in big_smile

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Re: So who else is not dead?

Holy shit man, long time no see! Now you are a person i'd love to talk again, how are you and your bro? I still claim you made one of the best maps for gta1, and i probably still have that somewhere!

Anyways, i hope you see this and get in touch via email - email me at jernejcoder at gmail ( i check the forums here once every 1-2 months ). Also, i could use your help on my project smile

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#3 2021-01-09 18:18:42

the obscurity
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Re: So who else is not dead?

Don't know bout you lot but i'm a completely different person since then. I was a 13 year old schoolboy when i read these forums , mostly trying to find stuff and screenshots about GTA3 (or GTA3D as it was called). I'm in my 30ies now.
Doubt anyone on here would really remember me well, I didn't do much modding except for a GTA2 map

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Re: So who else is not dead?

Still alive smile

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